About Our Company

“The Difference Is You”


“Embracing those to provide the ability to start forward thinking”


“Educating the position to plan and achieve the obstacles that are in your path”


“Supporting through each and every person’s journey to success”

Our Approach

Each individual, family, and business is unique in every way. The “one-size-fits-all” approach, that big companies love to use, will never help you reach your full potential, and will never teach you what you need to succeed. Here, at Morman & Company, we deliver custom solutions, tailored specifically for you. We understand and work with: your struggles, your circumstances and, your one-of-a-kind challenges.

We want you to succeed and feel comfortable at the same time. The problem with big companies is that you are just another number to them. With our company, you will see how much we care, by the service we provide and the approach we take. We will embrace your needs, as well as, educate and support you with, the necessary tools you need to stay on top. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and helping you get to a better place.

We offer a range of consulting services, all designed to help you reach your potential. Whether you’re looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, we have you covered. Our services are available to provide you precisely what you need.



Chantelle L. Morman

Founder | CEO


About Chantelle L. Morman, a determined, driven, goal-oriented visionary, dubbed “The Financial Empowerment Guru”, was born and raised in Waterloo, a small city near Des Moines, Iowa.

Chantelle intrinsically understood that education was pivotal to her achieving success; as a result, she enrolled at the University of Northern Iowa, pursuing degrees in Medicine and Business Administration.

Chantelle opened various successful service businesses within the community where she lived to enjoy the freedom derived from being an independent business owner. She believes, “Your health is your true wealth.” Her professional experience, knowledge and personal triumphs in overcoming her own financial challenges has served and continue to serve as an asset for those she decides to work with.

As State Director of a federally-funded outreach program focused on sustaining the health of families within communities of Iowa, Chantelle was exposed to the needs of the community juxtaposed against the lack of opportunities accessible to most people due to their lack of knowledge, education and motivation. Consequently, she championed financial education programs aimed at building generational wealth through customized financial planning with a promise to leave no family behind. It was her ability to identify and develop the proposal for federal funding that made the program successful, financially viable and ongoing. Through this avenue, she was able to improve not only the physical health of patients, but a client’s financial health using educational techniques focused on building generational wealth.

Chantelle is the Founder of Health & Finance MDs, whose goals are for all to achieve financial success by teaching that the difference is YOU, Your goals, Your effort, Your dedication to education and your determination to change what you must. The organization provides customized financial planning and education to individuals, families and businesses.

Chantelle L. Morman & Company was later created to challenge the status quo, to offer superior expertise, strategic advice, exceptional services and a competitive advantage while managing clients’ measurable goals and expectations to reach their financial goals. She believes in partnering with, and employing people with the right character, values and positive personalities.

Ms. Morman is co-partner and COO of Paragon Financial, where she oversees operations and manages the group’s financials to ensure they are operating according to the state of Florida’s regulations. She has been a developer of innovative products to strengthen people financially. Staying true to form, she developed partnerships and programs in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida, and has spoken at numerous THE THREE P’S OF FINANCIAL WELLNESS 365 conferences across the country on her models. Her experiences have taught her how to identify non-traditional funding sources such as, organizations, foundations, corporations, private funds and individual funds, partnerships and sponsorships to support her goals.

Chantelle, a National Speaker, Certified Financial Educator and Best Selling Author has received notable accomplishments such as: featured in Forbes as a Trendsetter, HFA-Family Assessment Worker Training Coordinator, Maternal Health Depression Trainer, Prenatal Health Educator, Plan A Abstinence Facilitator, Strengthening Families Educator, Health, Life and Annuity Licensed.”

You can connect with Chantelle at: