The Road To Success

By Jack Canfield and Chantelle Morman


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About The Book

To take a road trip to Success, we will need a destination as well as a GPS. Success is described here as the achievement of a goal. The goals we adopt may be the result of experience, vision or desire. They crystallize our desire to get to a better place. Having picked a goal for success, how do you get there? What drives you on? Some more popular goals include amassing wealth, gaining recognition and a desire to improve the lifestyle of others. It is also interesting to note that both philosophers as well as successful travelers on this road to success tell us that the journey is the real prize, not merely arriving at the destination...

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About the Author

Chantelle L. Morman, dubbed “The Financial Empowerment Guru”.

Chantelle L. Morman, a determined, driven, goal-oriented visionary, dubbed “The Financial Empowerment Guru”, was born and raised in Waterloo, a small city near Des Moines, Iowa. Chantelle intrinsically understood that education was pivotal to her achieving success; as a result, she enrolled at the University of Northern Iowa, pursuing degrees in Medicine and Business Administration. Chantelle opened various successful service businesses within the community where she lived to enjoy the freedom derived from being an independent business owner. She believes, “Your health is your true wealth.” Her professional experience, knowledge and personal triumphs in overcoming her own financial challenges has served and continue to serve as an asset for those she decides to work with. Chantelle is the Founder of Health & Finance MDs, whose goals are for all to achieve financial success by teaching that the difference is YOU, Your goals, Your effort, Your dedication to education and your determination to change what you must. The organization provides customized financial planning and education to individuals, families and businesses. Chantelle, a National Speaker, Certified Financial Educator, and Author has received notable accomplishments such as: featured in Forbes as a Trendsetter, HFA-Family Assessment Worker Training Coordinator, Maternal Health Depression Trainer, Prenatal Health Educator, Plan A Abstinence Facilitator, Strengthening Families Educator, Health, Life and Annuity Licensed.

Chantelle Morman was born and raised in Waterloo, a small city near Des Moines, Iowa. Early on, Chantelle recognized that education was key in achieving success and was determined to further her education.
Chantelle L. Morman

Radio Talk Show Host

Chantelle was Statewide director of a federally funded outreach program focused on sustaining the health of families within communities of Iowa.
Chantelle L. Morman

Public Speaker

Chantelle founded Health & Finance MDs and is Managing Director of The Debt Education Foundation located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. a foundation dedicated to providing education to individuals and families to achieve financial success.
Chantelle L. Morman

Morman & Company ceo


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