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Some Facts About Debt




Americans paying 400% interest on payday loans


APR (or more) on a two week loan


Typical amount of borrowers check that goes toward loan payment


Borrows who took out loans to cover expenses like utilities, rent, food, and other bills

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Do you need to fix your financial situation and learn how to better manage it? Have no
clue where to start? Don’t worry, we’re here to show you how to get the ball rolling, and
give you the tools and advice you’ll need, to stay in that stable place, once you get
Get started eliminating your debt with the necessary tools and payment guide to assist in eliminating
your debt quicker, increase your credit score and save you from those high interest payments which
places you on a path of Financial Freedom. Our Financial Strength Builder will help Tip the Financial
scale in your favor.

    On-Going Support

  • Progress board: Our online tool and app visualizes your progress and help keep you on track for
    spending and savings.
  • Bite size to-dos: Your planner sends you reminders for what to tackle next.
  • Create a budget
  • Review your bills (don’t be afraid to ask for discounts)
  • Planner Picks: You can compare planner-recommended savings accounts, insurance, credit cards,
    and more.s
  • Articles, Classes and Events : You get access to all our learning material so you can continue to
    understand the why and the how behind our recommendations.

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Our company provides a complete Financial Team to ensure your vision can be clearly
developed and achieved. We have a team of experts who, are more than qualified to
review your situation, develop a growth strategy/plan, and help you reach your goals.
Our team assists with insurances, retirement planning, estate planning and investments to ensure you reach your goals.

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Morman and Company offers their clients a professional and complimentary Financial
Needs Analysis (FNA), which is the first step in helping to identify the core components
of a client’s financial health.​
We work with you when accessing your credit report our tool kit provides you with a step by step
process to gain and maintain a healthier and wealthier you. This financial foundation gives you the best
of both worlds by providing expert advice from some the best in professional analysts, providing a piece
of mind to you, your family and your business as it grows and your needs change.

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Our team works closely with an individual to ensure the execution of the best financial planning for you,
your family and your business. By utilizing your individual goals your positioned to build and maintain a
permanent financial foundation. Utilizing the analyst team, debt free process, and insurance planning,
you’re on your way to a healthier and wealthier you. The professional team will continue to provide
guides to keep you on track and are available to answer any concerns or questions you may have to keep
you focused on the goals you have set.

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Selecting the best insurance to meet your needs does not need to be time consuming for expensive. We
provide options according to your individual circumstances so that you can make an informed decision
that best fits your needs. Our experts work with individuals, families and businesses to outline the
protection that will best fit your needs.

Best-In-Class Insurance Products
Health and Wellness programs
Short-Term Medical Plans
Dental ​
Accident, Cancer and Critical Illness Coverage
Lifestyle discounts

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Partnerships and Collaboration make a difference. We face challenges head on and dive into uncharted
waters to give you and your business our Stomp Out the Red- Stamp of Approval. Email us at


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Hire Chantelle Morman for your next event or seminar! Let her inspire you with years of experience and
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to obtain financial growth and freedom. She’ll share knowledge that she has gained through years of
studies and experience. There is so much she has to offer, don’t miss an opportunity to have her speak at
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Helping people is at the heart of what Morman & Company do every day. Even in this time of unprecedented access to information, there remains a lack of financial knowledge among individuals, families and businesses. However, our associates are ready to provide the tools and guidance needed to help clients make informed financial choices and meet their goals.

We help to understand fundamental financial concepts and provide a foundation to create a sound strategy. We help you live today while building a better tomorrow.